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Laila Pullinen: Dolce Reverie, Pertti Nisonen

Laila Pullinen: Arc of Light

1 February – 20 April 2014

In early February, the 80th anniversary exhibition The Arc of Light, by one of the great names of Finnish modernism, sculptor and Professor Laila Pullinen, will open at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition features works by Laila Pullinen from different decades. In addition to her very physical and expressive stone and bronze sculptures, similarly scaled large drawings and photo reproductions of views from Pullinen’s gesammtskunstwerk, Nissbacka Manor Sculpture Park, Vantaa will also be on display.

The selection presents various thematic periods of Pullinen’s career through individually selected works, and the museum's beautiful facilities have enabled to present these in their own isolated entities: The Land of the Father, Italy; Enablers and patrons; Monumental works; Nissbacka; The Ecumenical "small chapel" of sacral works; Corpus & Anima: stone & bronze combination pieces, which together form a lifelong look on the Finnish woman artists career. New work from the year 2013 is also on show, among others, a set of drawings inspired by German choreographer Pina Bausch's production of Orpheus and Eurydice. The artist has personally designed the overall architecture of the exhibition.

Using shapes inherent in nature, Laila Pullinen makes her materials arc in exceptionally powerful movements, expresses extreme dimensions of power and energy with the arched form. In her works, the artist skillfully makes the light form arches and urges the material to reflect light, creating perfect formed structures.

Laila Pullinen’s 80th Anniversary Exhibition Tour is produced by Lönnström Art Museum, located in Rauma. The museum is also responsible for the exhibition of the trilingual publication Arc of Light, which examines and presents the central themes of the exhibition. The publication includes the essay Arcs and curves: On the significant form in Laila Pullinen’s work by art historian, PhD Juha-Heikki Tihinen. The bulk of photographs in the book have been taken by photographer Vesa Aaltonen at Pullinen’s gesamttskunstwerk, the sculpture park at Nissbacka Manor in Vantaa, Finland last summer. The layout is by Minna Luoma / Candy Graphics. This publication and the exhibition have been sponsored by the Turku Kirjekuoritehdas and FILI / Delegation for the promotion of Swedish literature.


Ewa Harabasz: Untitled. Grażyna Kulczyk Collection

PEACE - An exhibition on the Abolition of War

1 February – 20 April 2014

Polish artists Ewa Harabasz and Krzysztof Wodiczko, who have worked for several decades in the United States, will bring their exhibition to Vaasa for the spring. PEACE – An exhibition on the Abolition of War to be held at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is critical of the culture of violence. According to the artists, modern man can be liberated from the culture and concept of war altogether. The exhibition presents the output of these two Polish artists from the 1990s up to their most recent works from the past few years.

In Finland, the exhibition will be on view only in Vaasa, and it will be the first time the artists’ works will be shown in a joint exhibition. It will include installations, video works, conceptual art as well as large-scale paintings drawing from Byzantine icon painting enriched with today’s media imagery.

Krzysztof Wodiczko, who was born in 1943 in Warsaw, is internationally renowned for his conceptual, politically critical works of art which explore the role of violence in our society and our attitudes to war. Since the 1980s, he has realised more than seventy large-scale projections of images onto public buildings and monuments. Through his works, Wodiczko wishes to make the viewer realise how the public environment reflects our common history, especially our wartime traumas and political past. He is a professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he directs the Art, Design and Public Domain program.

Ewa Harabasz combines, in the spirit of Caravaggio, photographs and paintings to create large emotionally evocative montages that resemble icons. As an artist she is interested in the artistic representation of human reactions, behaviour, bodily expressions and gestures during traumatic and tragic situations, and in how these are represented in today’s media vis-à-vis traditional painting. She believes that modern media images are deeply immersed in the early Baroque painterly tradition. Harabasz was born in 1957 in Czestochowa. Her works have been exhibited widely in both solo and group shows around the world – in the United States, Europe and Israel. Currently Harabasz is teaching at Harvard University Graduate School of Design at Landscape Architecture department.

Thematically, the exhibition focuses on the depiction of peace on one hand, and of violence and catastrophes on the other, in Western culture. The exhibition is critical of the culture of violence and of phenomena such as the light-hearted idealisation of war introduced by popular culture. According to the views of the artists, conceptual artworks dealing with the themes of war and peace may help modern man to liberate himself from the tradition of reinforcing and maintaining the culture of war and violence.

The exhibition produced by Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is a joint effort in collaboration with the new Master’s Programme in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research (PEACE) at Åbo Akademi University in Vaasa and at the University of Tampere. In conjunction with the exhibition, an international seminar on the same subjects will be arranged on Saturday 1 February 2014 at Åbo Akademi. The seminar will be open to the public and free of charge. American docent, Douglas P. Fry, directs the Peace, Mediation & Conflict Research (PEACE) programme in Vaasa.


Esko Tirronen

Esko Tirronen (1934–2011)
Forever remembered

10 May – 28 September 2014

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Vaasa organizes an exhibition displaying works by visual artist Esko Tirronen from 10th May to 28th September 2014. Esko Tirronen (1934–2011) was one of the pioneers in informalism and photorealism in Finland in the 1960s. The exhibition highlights two periods to both of which Tirronen made crucial contributions. The exhibition presents works from Esko Tirronen’s entire career as an artist. The show also includes works that are on public display for the first time.

From the very start of his career in the 1960s Esko Tirronen was a notorious artist whose work was frequently seen in international exhibitions. His paintings were praised and vilified, because they always contained something new and unprecedented in Finland. The exhibition highlights two periods in the artist’s career that were crucial for the internationalization and development of Finnish contemporary art. The first was informalism in the early 1960s, the other photorealism or hyperrealism in the 1970s.

Tirronen’s painting style was a sensitive barometer of the times, indicating emerging trends in the art world. The informalism of Tirronens’s early work changed into photorealism, famous examples being spray-painted sensual pictures of women. But he continued to produce also abstract motifs. Among the paintings in the photorealistic style, the public best remembers the so-called ‘Esko’s women’ – female figures dressed in silk or in shorts, which became the subject of heated public discussion at the time. Some of these works were on show in the 1974 national ARS exhibition.

Esko Tirronen was one of the most influential artists in the Kymmenlaakso region in Finland. The exhibition is produced by the Kouvola Art Museum Poikilo where it was on display in 2013. It has been shown at the Lönnström Art Museum in Rauma during winter and spring 2014. In the summer the exhibition is shown at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art and in the autumn it continues on to the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki.

The exhibition at Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art works from Esko Tirronen’s entire career as an artist. Five of six paintings that were on show in the 1962 Venice Biennale are during this exhibition tour for the first time on show in Finland simultaneously. Also, the beginning of informalism in Finland is marked by these works from the biennale. Works in similar style had almost created a scandal when they were shown in the first ARS exhibition in Helsinki in 1961.


Ernst Billgren

A Discerning Gaze

The Lars Swanljung Collection of Contemporary Art

10 May – 28 September 2014

This year, the focus of the museums in Vaasa will be on the patrons and art collectors of the region. While Ostrobothnian Museum is celebrating the anniversary of art collector Karl Hedman (1864–1931), Tikanoja Art Museum will present the life work of its donator, Frithjof Tikanoja (1877–1964), and Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art will focus the spotlight on art collector Lars Swanljung (b. 1944).
During the summer, when the youngest of these local art collectors turns 70, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art will display an impressive selection of works from the Swanljung collection, one of the largest collections of Nordic contemporary art in Finland. Since the 1980s, when Lars Swanljung first took to collecting art, the collection has developed into a versatile ensemble containing artworks ranging from colourful pop art to plain minimalism and from works by young newcomers to those by established contemporary artists. This year, the art collector has decided to donate the nearly 800 works of this growing collection to his birthplace, the city of Vaasa.

The exhibition A Discerning Gaze consists of several purchases made by Lars Swanljung in recent years as well as works familiar from earlier exhibitions. The works on display may make you think about the collector’s interests. Is he interested in a particular subject or theme? Does a certain style or aesthetic character capture the collector’s eye? The ensemble includes new works by established Finnish artists, such as Carolus Enckell, Lauri Laine and Marjatta Tapiola. The younger generation of artists is represented by, among others, Pasi Rauhala, Pasi Karjula and Janne Kiiskilä. In addition, works by Anne Koskinen, Silja Rantanen and Paavo Räbinä are shown, not to forget international artists in the collection, such as Ernst Billgren, James Rosenquist, Jim Dine or Roy Lichtenstein.

Kuntsi Museum of Modern art proudly presents the collection with the same sharp eye and discerning gaze as the collector himself. The association Friends of Kiasma recently nominated Lars Swanljung Friend of Contemporary Art of the Year. Through his acts and comments, he has been a highly significant player on the Finnish contemporary art scene. Whenever other actors in the field have been few and far between, there has always been one person – Lars Swanljung – who has unreservedly taken the side of novel contemporary art. He has both personally and financially promoted the development of Finnish contemporary art. Lars Swanljung has formulated his interest in collecting in the following statement:

“It would be easier for me, of course, if I were satisfied with limiting myself to what I already like and what I think I understand. But even if I still enjoy that, I notice that I long for something new, and challenging. Perhaps this search for new experiences, a kind of development need, is a prerequisite for serious art collecting generally. At least for me personally, that is an essential part of the attraction in collecting”.


Ernst Billgren


17 October 2014 – 25 January 2015

Homeland is a curated group exhibition and process based creative project bringing together contemporary artists with a connection to the region of Finnish Ostrobothnia and Swedish Västerbotten.  It is a project focusing on questions of cultural heritage, nationality and identity.

Participating artists are: Sylvia Javén (FI), Nina Lassila (FI), Juha Mäki-Jussila (FI), Sebastian Mügge (SE), Maria Nordbäck (FI), Mattias Olofsson (SE), Jukka Rajala-Granstubb (FI), Gunilla Samberg (SE), Tankesmedjan Obalans/Lisa Carlson and Janne Björkman (SE), Ulla Thoegersen (SE) and Anna-Mari Vierikko (FI).



Guided tours: Summer exhibitions

May - September 2014

Guided tours to the summer exhibitions Esko Tirronen: Forever remembered and A Discerning Gaze - The Lars Swanljung Collection of Contemporary Art will be organised on Sundays and on Thursdays at 1 pm in Finnish and at 3 pm in Swedish. Tours are open for the public and included in the price of admission.

On Sundays in Finnish:
11.5. / 18.5. / 25.5. / 1.6. / 8.6. / 15.6. / 29.6. / 6.7. / 13.7. / 20.7. / 27.7./ 3.8. / 10.8. / 17.8. / 24.8. / 31.8. / 7.9. / 14.9. / 21.9. / 28.9.

On Sundays in Swedish:
18.5. / 1.6. / 15.6. / 29.6. / 13.7. / 27.7. / 10.8. / 24.8. / 7.9. / 21.9.

On Thursdays in Finnish:
5.6. / 12.6. / 26.6. / 3.7. / 10.7. / 17.7. / 24.7. / 31.7. / 7.8. / 14.8.

On Thursdays in Swedish:
5.6. / 12.6. / 26.6. / 3.7. / 10.7. / 17.7. / 24.7. / 31.7. / 7.8. / 14.8.

Guided tours for groups are available in English by appointment.
Bookings tel +358 40 356 4870 (Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-1 p.m.)



The Art Collectors’ quarters

Thursdays 10.7. & 17.7. & 24.7.2014

Get to know the art collectors of Vaasa on this promenade through their old neighbourhood. The promenade starts outside the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art in Inner harbour in Vaasa. At the end of the tour we will go through the exhibition in the Tikanoja Art Museum.

In Finnish: Thursday 10.7. at 11 am & 2 pm
In Swedish: Thursday 17. at 11 am & 2 pm
In English: Thursday 24.7. at 11 am & 2 pm

The tour is included in the museum’s entry fee (7/5 €). The tickets are sold at the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art. The promenade will take 1 h 15 min (incl. promenade and a short guided tour in the Tikanoja Art Museum). You may also participate in the promenade with combined museum ticket (12/9 €).



Museum Concerts: Korsholm Music Festival

31 July 2014 and 2 August 2014

In Year 2014 the Korsholm Music Festival will be arranged from 30.7. - 6.8. The top-performing artists consist of skilled Finnish musicians together with foreign guests. The festival, that is one of the most acknowledged chamber music festivals in Finland, brings its own mood to this coastal region as music resounds in concert halls, restaurants, museums and idyllic church buildings. Our famous "daylight" during the nights brings a special magic to the festival atmosphere!

On Thursday 31.7. at 1 pm / Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art

Akiko Sigfridsson, recitation, piano
Henri Sigfridsson, piano


Tickets: 25 € / 20 €

Entreé to the museum included in the ticket rate.

On Saturday 2.8. at 1 pm / Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art

Trio Zilliacus-Persson-Raitinen
Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, soprano
Christine Bengtsson, piano


Tickets: 25 € / 20 €

Entreé to the museum included in the ticket rate.

Korsholm Music Festival



Night of Arts at Kuntsi

7 August 2014

On Thursday, 7.8.2014 Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is open at 11 am - 11 pm. Free entrance to the exhibitions Esko Tirronen: Forever Remembered (2nd Floor) and A Discerning Gaze - The Lars Swanljung Collection of Contemporary Art (1st Floor).

Guided tours during the Night of Arts:
14:00 Superheroes children’s tour and workshop, 1st Floor. Swedish.
15:00 Superheroes children’s tour and workshop, 1st Floor. Finnish.
16:00 Guided tour. 1st & 2nd Floors. Finnish.
17:00 A quarter hour of art. 1st Floor. Finnish.
17:30 A quarter hour of art. 1st Floor. Swedish.
17:30 A quarter hour of art. 2nd Floor. Finnish.
18:00 A quarter hour of art. 2nd Floor. Swedish.
18:30 A quarter hour of art. 1st Floor. Finnish.
19:00 A quarter hour of art. 1st Floor. Swedish.
20:00 A quarter hour of art. 2nd Floor. Finnish.
20:30 A quarter hour of art. 2nd Floor. Swedish.

The schedule for the evening:
12:00- Drawing on the asphalt.
12:00- Figures at Satamapuisto, Jimmy Pulli.
17:00-22:00 ART} -photography project, Dragos Alexandrescu.
17:00 Sound/Movement-duo (Anne Rönkkö dance, Anu Hakkarainen music)
18:15 Sound/Movement-duo (Anne Rönkkö dance, Anu Hakkarainen music)
19:30 Trio Bon Bon & Makita: Matkakertomus stories, poems, music and dance.

DJ on the terrace of Café Simo.

Night of Arts website

Kuntsin modernin taiteen museo

The Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art was opened to the public in February 2007. The museum is situated in a former customs warehouse in the Inner Harbour of Vaasa. The building has 2,000 m² of space, which has been planned exclusively for museum activities. Thanks to the museum, both national and international exhibitions of modern and contemporary art are now a permanent feature of Vaasa’s artistic life.

The Kuntsi Foundation, founded by Consul Simo Kuntsi (1913-1984), has had the clear intention from beginning to provide the public with different aspects of contemporary art as well as to collect and present art phenomena from the art world’s recent history. This mission is now continued by the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art.

In 1971 Simo Kuntsi brought his growing art collection to his former hometown with the ambition of expanding the already fine supply of art in Vaasa. He also made an agreement with the City of Vaasa, whereby the city promised to keep the collection in Vaasa as well as to organize space in the form of a museum for it. The premises of the Vaasa Commercial School provided a space for presenting the collection in the 1970s and 1980s. However, in the 1990s, the space available at the school was no longer enough to satisfy the demands of the modern art museum, and the search for new appropriate space for the art collection began. In 2000 the Vaasa City Council eventually made a decision to build a new museum for modern art based around Kuntsi Art Collection. Vaasa City planned and renovated the former customs warehouse to make it a suitable location for an art museum.

The base collection in the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is the Kuntsi Foundation’s art collection – one of the most important classic collections of contemporary art in Finland covering pop art, kinetic art as well as committed art, informalism, surrealism, new expressionism, postmodernism… The more than 900 works forming the collection are a cross section of modern art history, from international modernists to the Finnish artists of today. But most of all, it is the classic collection of Finnish contemporary art created in the 1950s and onward.

The Kuntsi Collection is constantly growing and other nationally remarkable private collections are both deposited and donated in connection with it. Donations and depositions continue the work started by Consul Simo Kuntsi, and increase the importance of Vaasa in the modern and contemporary art world. Regular cooperation with other museums, artists and collectors in Finland and abroad further expands the museum’s operation as well as the exhibition offerings of the most topical art.

Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art is also a forum for inter-artistic collaboration: music, literature, dance and theatre form a self-evident part in the museum’s operation. The museum functions also as a teacher in art education. Different advised activities, guided tours, art clubs, workshops and lectures are organized in the museum. And an atelier called Studio has been especially designed for younger visitors. The Café Simo, a Museum Shop and an art library are also available for visitors’ use in the museum.

Welcome to Kuntsi!

Opening hours and tickets


Tuesday — Sunday 11 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Monday closed

Café Simo
Tuesday — Sunday 11 a.m. — 3 p.m.
Monday closed

Museum Shop
Tuesday — Sunday 11 a.m. — 5 p.m.
Monday closed

ADMISSION 1.6.2014 onwards:

7 € Adults
5 € Students, seniors, group visitors (more than 10 people)
12 / 9 € Combined museum ticket at the same day (Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Tikanoja Art Museum, Osthrobothnian Museum and Terranova)
Youth under 18 free

Free entrance:
28.1.2014 Art collector Karl Hedman's name day
Art collector Frithjof Tikanoja's name day
Mother's Day, free entrance for mothers
18.5.2014 International Museum Day
14.6.2014 Art collector Lars Swanljung's birthday (70 years)
7.8.2014 The Night of Arts
10.8.2014 Art collector Lars Swanljung's name day
23.9.2014 Art collector Karl Hedman's birthday (150 years)
28.10.2014 Art collector Simo Kuntsi's name day
9.11.2014 Father's Day, free entrance for fathers

Guided tours


tel +358 40 356 4870 (Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-1 p.m.)


30 € / group (Tuesday-Friday)
50 € / group ( Saturday-Sunday)

VAT included in the prices during opening hours. Max. 30 people / group.
The price of admission is not included. Admission for groupvisitors (more than 10 people in a group) à 5 €.


Guided tours that are open for the public and included in the price of admission.
On Sundays at 1 pm in Finnish and every other Sunday at 3 pm in Swedish.


(Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art and Tikanoja Art Museum)

E-mail: firstname.lastname@vaasa.fi


Acting Museum Director Pamela Andersson
tel. +358 6 325 3922
mobile +358 40 161 9892
Museum Director Selma Green
(Museum Director at the Osthrobothnian Museum 1.1.-31.12.2014)
mobile +358 40 687 4694
Museum administrator Heli Stenbacka
tel. +358 6 325 3923
Press Officer Pauliina Pääkkönen
tel. +358 6 325 3924
mobile +358 40 192 3891
Museum Registrar Anniina Pääkkönen
tel. +358 6 325 3928
mobile +358 40 1768 768


Curator Riina Peltonen
tel. +358 6 325 3917
mobile +358 40 353 7377

Curator Pamela Andersson
(acting museum director 1.1.-31.12.2014)
Substitute Julia Svarvar
tel. +358 6 325 3927


Educational Curator Jenni Niemi
(on leave until 31.8.2014)
Substitute Johanna Kull
mobile +358 40 184 9250

Customer service:

Museum Service Assistant (Museum Shop)
Maiju Nyqvist-Alho (on leave until 22.12.2015)
Substitute Minna Perälä
mobile + 358 40 183 1288
Museum Service Assistant (Events)
Salla Mällinen
mobile +358 40 356 4870
Expedition guard Joona Ekroos
mobile +358 400 789 888

Technical Staff:

Technician Juhani Pukkinen
mobile +358 40 520 3564
Technician Matti Raudaskoski
mobile +358 40 520 3563

Contact information

Kuntsi Museum Of Modern Art
Sisäsatama, FIN-65100 Vaasa
Tel +358 6 325 3920
Fax +358 6 325 3921

Café Simo +358 6 325 3929
Museum Shop +358 6 325 3920
Guided tours, bookings +358 40 356 4870 (Tue-Fri 10 a.m.-1 p.m.)

Press Service, +358 6 325 3924

City of Vaasa, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, PB 129, FIN-65101 Vaasa

E-invoicing details:
Address (OVT): 003702096026002
Operator CGI, Transfer Code: 003703575029

VAT no: FI02096026 / City of Vaasa



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